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When you hire Beckett Key Law Group, you’re getting more than professional representation. Whatever your legal needs or questions are, Beckett Key Law Group has got you covered. We are committed to excellence.The mission of this firm is to provide tenacious, competent and caring representation of all clients.

This is a South Jersey boutique firm providing comprehensive service to our clients.  Our small size allows us to show our clients personal attention, while our experience gives them the service of a big law firm. With over 25 years of legal experience, we can offer sensible solutions to your legal problems. Serving South Jersey's Camden, Gloucester, Cumberland, Salem and Atlantic Counties.

It is important that all potential clients understand the passion for which the firm practices the law.  The firm's  focus is on assisting clients in obtaining justice for their legal issue.


If you become disabled and can’t work before retirement age, our lawyers can help you determine if you may qualify for Social Security Disability monthly benefits. Benefits may continue until the employee resumes working again, or reaches full retirement age, at which time they will be converted to retirement benefits.

The claims process involves complicated paperwork and can be confusing. That’s why so many initial claims are denied. The Beckett Key Law Group knows the rules and regulations and has the experience to make the process go smoothly.  The Firm handles the paperwork and clearly and professionally present the facts of the claim and disability if it goes before a judge.

It takes months to qualify for SSD or SSI. If your initial application is turned down, the whole process may take one to two years. Martin Law attorneys have an excellent success rate in appeals, especially at the administrative hearing level.

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Education law is the legal discipline covering all issues pertaining to schools, from kindergarten through higher education. Historically, attorneys practicing education law have worked toward expanding access to a high-quality education for all children, as well as providing for greater access to higher education. But this practice area has expanded to include issues such as students' rights; teachers' rights; school safety; discrimination; conduct and discipline; special education; curriculum; and education options such as homeschooling and charter schools.


Beckett Key Law Group is dedicated to serving the legal needs of children and families in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The Beckett Key Law Group provides skilled, thoughtful representation. The Firm  combines the sophistication found in a large law firm with the personal attention and outstanding service that are the hallmarks of a traditional law office.

The Firm's mission is to:


  • Ensure all children in Pennsylvania have access to quality public educational services and to the full range of educational options that are available to their peers.

  • Hold officials and policymakers accountable for complying with the laws protecting the educational rights of the most disadvantaged children.

  • Give families a voice in their children’s education, the tools to resolve problems that their children experience in school, and the information to be advocates for improvements to local and state education policy and law

  • Support community organizations and grassroots advocates in their efforts to improve public education.

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Criminal Defense

First, if you are under suspicion, have been arrested, or have been charged with a crime, it is extremely important that you exercise your right to remain silent until you have a lawyer present. Be polite, but be firm—DO NOT ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS OR PROSECUTORS UNTIL YOU HAVE SPOKEN TO AN ATTORNEY. This is especially true for those with immigration issues.  Not all criminal and traffic defense attorneys are aware of the immigration ramifications of convictions.

Fighting a criminal charge is monumental for anyone. You are likely feeling confused, fearful, and concerned for your reputation, family, finances, and most of all, your freedom.

The Firm will work with you to make a bad situation as manageable as possible. Our law office can help you with juvenile and adult criminal charges, including:

  • DUI / DWI

  • Drug Possession

  • Theft

  • Assault

  • Traffic Violations

  • Clearning Your Criminal Record

  • Disorderly Conduct

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