Education Law

Education Law deals with the representation of teachers and administrators through collective bargaining process, hearings and appeals including 3020a hearing; representation of students in discharge and disciplinary proceedings from colleges and universities, representation of children with special needs at IEP meetings, Due Process Hearings and Appeals to Federal Court; representation of student with special needs including seeking test accommodations and challenging revocation of SAT and ACT test scores.

If you have a child in special education and everything seems to be running smoothly, you may never need a lawyer. However, it is quite possible that at some point during your child's education, it will make sense to hire, or at least consult, an attorney to help you advocate for your child.

All of this might be overwhelming for some parents, leading them to think they need outside help or advice from a lawyer. If you find yourself in that position an attorney can help you in one of two ways. A lawyer can provide advice and assistance as needed throughout the individualized education program (IEP) process while you do most of the work, or a lawyer can be directly involved as your formal representative. You may choose to have a lawyer do everything from beginning to end in the IEP process, or you may have the lawyer handle only certain tasks.


It seems that education deficiencies are running more rampant than ever. Enacted in 1975, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), formerly known as the Education for All Handicapped Children Act, mandates the provision of a free and appropriate public school education for eligible children and youth ages 3–21. Eligible children and youth are those identified by a team of professionals as having a disability that adversely affects academic performance and as being in need of special education and related services.  Most of those children are not being served for various reasons. 

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